by Matt Mayer

Saturday, August 09, 2008

volleyball gripe

stop interrupting my volleyball games because you want to play. i don't want to play with you. unless, of course, you're good.

i'm okay at the game. i played around with it for a couple years in college. i'm not amazing, but i can bump, set and spike. and, in my opinion, that's the only way the game should be played.

i hate it when people see that you're playing volleyball and just assume you can stop the game you're playing to let them play. the worst is that they get mad when you make them wait, for any period of time. i guess they figure since the play stops every 30 seconds or so that it would be easy to let them hop in. and i'm happy to do it, if they're not going to ruin the game.

i'm usually pretty nice and relaxed about stuff like that, but not during volleyball. because the difference between the two kinds of games is absolutely massive. it's like having a hamburger from mcdonalds or a hamburger from five guys. when you know that five guys is available, you will NOT settle for a mcdonald's burger.

it's a really interesting thing. you're so dependent on the play of the other people in the game to make it fun WITH you. a lot of sports you can just play one on one and have fun. or play with almost anybody because it's just fun to use your own skill set. hockey, basketball, soccer to think of a few like that. just a couple other bodies and you'll have a good time because you can see how you're shooting it or handling it. in volleyball, if you like to hit, you can't do it if nobody can set. if you like to block, you can't do it if nobody on the other side can hit (and therefore have a second person who can set).

in that respect it's like improv. it is way more fun to improvise with people you can trust to play well with you. improvising is only as fun as you and the people around you make it. you can't just ignore other people you're doing it with and be a ballhog. it just doesn't work. you need to set each other up and work together to have fun.

i love both things for that reason.

although, i will say that i enjoy jamming and playing with new people in improv, no matter how long they've been doing it. so in that respect it is very different. but, i guess i don't want to do that all the time.


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