by Matt Mayer

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Inspiration comes when you most expect it

Went to see 2Square today. Lutz. Grosz. Genius.

I went in expecting a lot. I had been meaning to see 4Square, then 3Square, then finally 2Square for almost a year now. 4Square inspired my favorite '06 DC Comedy Festival show, Chuckle Sandwich. Chuckle Sandwich inspired one of my original favorite groups, Dr Fantastic. So I felt I had to see and would likely love the group that brought on so many other favorites for me.

It is a rare occasion when anything at all meets expectations after it has been hyped up: a Five Guys burger; Ender's Game; The Dark Knight. It is even rarer when that hype has been built up by you yourself.

2Square met, shook hands with, and had meaningful intercourse with my expectations. Afterwards, my expectations took 2Square home to meet the parents and siblings (of which there are many ... Mr and Mrs Expectations get frisky, often), and 2Square had meaningful intercourse with every last one of them. Even Elvin Expectations, the bucktoothed, acne-riddled virgin (no longer) of the Expectations clan. My goodness, I've never seen so much meaningful intercourse, metaphorical or otherwise, in all my life. It was like watching every wedding night in America happening simultaneously in one house.

To say the least, I am inspired. And I expected to be, as sad as that sounds. People were right. I was right. They are amazing.

Go see 'em.


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