by Matt Mayer

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Liked Speed Racer ... A Lot

I feel like nobody gave the movie Speed Racer a chance. Nobody said word one about it. Nobody saw it.

I saw it. Rented it on Blu-Ray. It was awesome. The visuals were innovative. The plot was strong. The movie was fun.

My one complaint was Speed's younger brother. I cannot tell you how annoyed I was by that kid. I want to say he kinda had to be in the movie, but I can't. I can't prove it. I never watched the TV show, so I don't know if the little bro was important or used the same way. He was a pudgy little loud-mouthed brat. He was essentially me when I was his age. I'm not saying I hate my younger, previous self. I'm saying there's only allowed to be one of me! I shall find him and kill him, and I shall get off because he is me, and I'm still alive. You see? The plan is bulletproof!


Bulletproof is another movie I thought was pretty good when I saw it even though people didn't really care about it. What can I say? I loved Adam Sandler. Somehow I doubt this, but hopefully I will have a similar post to this one about Don's Mess With The Zohan.


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